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Over 40 lakh migrant workers ferried in 3060 Shramik Special trains

Railways has operationalised more than three thousand 60 Shramik Special trains across the country to transport migrant workers to their home States.

More than 40 lakhs passengers have reached their destinations by these trains. Rail Minister Piyush Goyal has expressed happiness that the railways successfully operated more than three thousand Shramik Special trains and took migrant workers from different parts of the country to their home state. In a tweet, Goyal appealed to all the states to cooperate with the Railways and help their labour brothers. Our correspondent reports that 80 per cent of these Shramik trains are destined for various destinations in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Railways had started running Shramik Special trains from 1st May, to move migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons stranded at different places due to lock down. The top five States and Union Territories from where maximum trains originated are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

These trains were terminated in various States across the country. Uttar Pradesh received the highest number of one thousand 245 trains, followed by Bihar 846 trains and Jharkhand 123 trains. During the journey, passengers are given free meals and water. In addition to Shramik specials Railways is running 15 pairs of special AC trains connecting New Delhi and has decided to start 200 more trains from 1st June.

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