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KCR will unveil a wonderful event in which Godavari water will be pumped to the Highest level

On Friday, as part of the world’s engineering marvel Kaleswaram Project, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao will unveil a wonderful event in which Godavari water will be pumped to the Highest level. The water from Godavari river, lifted from various stages from Laxmi Barrage (Medigadda), will be pumped into the Kondapochamma Sagar Reservoir, which is at a height of 618 Meters. From Konda Pochamma Sagar, which has a capacity of 15 TMC, through gravity, water will be supplied to the hitherto arid lands, which had no irrigation water facility till date.


There is a special reason for naming this project Konda Pochamma Sagar. There is a Konda Pochamma temple on the borders of the united Medak, Warangal and Nalgonda districts.  There is Komuravelli Mallikarjuna (Mallanna) temple also in the vicinity. Both the temples are popular. Both the temples are visited by lots of devotees, as there is a tradition of devotees visiting one temple to make sure that they have visited the other. This is precisely the reason, why CM Sri KCR named the biggest reservoir constructed under Kaleswaram project as Mallanna Sagar, and the reservoir constructed on the highest point as Konda Pochamma Sagar. Konda Pochamma has lakhs of devotees in the region. The devotees will come daily and offer Pooja. The Deity has the reputation of taking care of the devotees’ needs. The CM wanted Konda Pochamma Sagar project too should fulfill the need for water for irrigation and drinking water purposes as well as for other needs. Hence the CM named it as Konda Pochamma Sagar. Sri KCR treats this project as a temple and the arrangments for its inauguration are made in tune with this. Chandi Yagam, Sudarshan Yagam, Gangamma poojas and other related rituals would be performed as part of the inauguration of Konda Pochamma Sagar project. At 4 AM on May 29, Chandi Yagam will be performed in Konda Pochamma Temple, Sudarshan Yagam at Konda Pochamma Sagar pump house simultaneously. At 7 AM, Sri KCR and his wife, offer special poojas at Konda Pochamma temple, which is 30 Kms distance from the project. They will participate in the Poornahuthi as part of the Chandi Yagam. They will take Thirtha Prasadams offered by the priests and also take blessings from the Vedic scholars. From there, they will reach their farmhouse in Erravelli. The CM will inaugurate Rythu Vedika at Erravelli and Markuk after 9 AM. Later, he will reach pump house, which lifts water to Konda Pochamma Sagar at Markuk.  The CM will welcome Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy ji who reaches at 10 AM there at the pump house. The CM will participate in the Porrnahuthi programme of the Sudarshan Yagam. Later he will switch on the pump house.  He will then visit the Project Discharge Canal to welcome the Godavari waters. He will perform Pooja to the Godavari Gangamma. Later he will bid farewell to the Jeeyar Swamy. Lunch with specially invited guests will be organised there later.

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