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Yoga a blend of knowledge, work and devotion

Fifth International Yoga Day celebrated with great enthusiasm across the Country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi leads the nation in celebrating Yoga, urges people to make yoga integral part of life.

The 5th International Day of Yoga was celebrated across the world on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the nation in celebrating the Day in Ranch in Jharkhand. Prime Minister said that we should make efforts to take yoga from cities to villages and tribal areas.

Addressing the yoga enthusiasts, He said that Yoga is above religion, caste, colour, gender and region, it is above everything. Prime Minister also gave the motto of “Yoga for peace, harmony and progress.”

He emphasised that health and wellness were central to Yoga and Ancient Indian philosophy and said that it requires discipline and commitment as a way of life. He added that the government has been working to make Yoga a pillar of preventive health care.

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