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World Radio Day is being observed today

Today is World Radio Day, a day that gives us a chance to celebrate radio and how it helps shape our lives. UNESCO started this tradition in 2011.

Radio is still the most dynamic, reactive and engaging medium that is, adapting to 21st century changes and offering new ways to interact and participate.

This is All India Radio…. Even today we are connected to these magical words. Radio gives all options to the listeners to tune in. From News to Infotainment, education related programmes to entertainment programmes.

It connects us at homes, at the workplace and even while travelling.

On 13th Feb every year, World Radio Day is celebrated to remember unique power of the radio that brings people together across the globe.

Radio was first started to broadcast news related to natural calamities and news at the time of emergencies.

However, with changing times, Radio has branched out in the form of various FM stations. With technological advances, the reach of radio advanced and entertainment has gained a special place in listener’s lives.

Our country is well aware of the power of the Radio medium.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chosen Radio as a medium for his Mann Ki Baat Programme to interact with People of the nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, himself a big fan of radio extended his greetings on this special day.

He congratulated all radio lovers and those who work in the radio industry & keep the medium active & vibrant. He said that radio is a wonderful way to interact, learn & communicate.

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