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New delhi: : India has taken to Hong Kong that it is important that visa and immigration system help people-to-people exchanges. It has been assured not create additional hurdles after it scrapped visa-free 14-day stay for Indians.

V K Singh, Minister of State for External Affairs said Hong Kong has also been reminded of India’s liberalisation of visa system for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region passport holders through online visa facility.

V K Singh also mentioned that prior to this Indian Passport holders who visited Hong Kong for less than 14 days for any purposes could enter without first obtaining visa but since January 23 Hong Kong authorities have introduced mandatory pre-arrival registration.

“From January 23, Indian nationals must apply for and complete online pre-arrival registration before enjoying their 14-day visa-free visit, or entering Hong Kong during transit, mentioned the Hong Kong services department websites

It also mentioned ,“The pre-arrival registration for Indian nationals’ platform will launch on December 19. Registration is free. The computer system will display the result instantly once the registration is made.”

Indian nationals who successfully complete online pre-arrival registration only could enter Hong Kong and obtain visa on arrival.

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