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Vice president election today

NDA nominee M Venkaiah Naidu is tipped to succeed in the vp election to be held on Saturday given that numbers are in his favour in the electoral college.
The result of the election between Naidu and opposition’s Gopalkrishna Gandhi could be announced around 7 in the evening after members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha cast their vote in Parliament residence.
The NDA with its majority of 425 in each the houses enjoys majority in an electoral college that has overall 790 votes. In Lok Sabha alone, there are 340 NDA MPs at the same time as their wide variety in Rajya Sabha is 85.
The polling phase this time, said BJP resources, could be just like what took place at some point of President’s election as AIADMK, TRS and YSR Congress have pledged their help for Naidu as they did for Ram Nath Kovind. except that, the BJD and the JDU, which has finally joined the NDA to rule Bihar, have said that they would cast their ballot for Congress leader Gandhi. The competition candidate is anticipated to get around 270 votes from 18 events inclusive of Congress, SP, TMC, CPM, DMK, RJD and BSP.
The MPs will use special pens to ink their candidate in the course of the polling. To keep away from errors dedicated by using the NDA lawmakers for the duration of presidential elections that had caused the cancellation of approximately two dozen votes, the ruling coalition held a dummy drill for its MPs on Friday night within the presence of top Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and other leaders. After it become over, Shah observed that 16 MPs had nonetheless erred in putting a mark towards the name of Naidu at some stage in the mock workout and he counseled them now not to repeat it on Saturday.

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