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UK Chief Secretary instruct to prepare for the pre monsoon period

On Thursday, Chief Secretary Utpal Kumar Singh held a meeting with the officials of all the districts through video conferencing regarding preparations for the pre-monsoon period at the Secretariat. The Chief Secretary said that in view of Covid-19, disaster like heavy rains and landslides will be a challenging task in remote areas. He instructed that the relief operations have to be strengthened and effective while minimizing the response time in the circumstances of disaster. He said that youth and women Mangal Dal teams should be trained and prepared for relief work.
The Chief Secretary directed the officials of the Public Works Department to ensure the identification of roads, alternate routes, sensitive areas for landslides etc. and deployment of officers, machines and JCB etc. during the monsoon period, food grains in remote areas, Availability of petrol, diesel etc. should also be ensured on time. He said that preparations should be made from now on to prevent water logging including cleaning of villages and cities, assessing the possibility of diseases spreading due to infection during rains.
The Chief Secretary said that connectivity in remote areas of the state, availability of DSPT phones should also be ensured. He also instructed the District Magistrates to check the equipment etc. and update the websites of the district continuously. He constituted disaster related departmental officers and IRS teams and updated list of telephone numbers of officers nominated in IRS system should be made available soon.
On this occasion, Director General of Police Shri Ashok Kumar, Secretary Shri R.K. K. Sudhanshu, Mr. Shailesh Bagoli, Mr. S.A. Murugation, Shri Sushil Kumar and Additional Chief Executive Officer Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority Smt. Riddhim Agarwal were also present.



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