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Trump addresses major issues concerning India

In his address to a joint session of Congress in Washington DC,U.S. President Donald Trump addressed major issues of concern to India.He put forward his views on immigration, trade and hate crimes against immigrants in his address.

U.S. President condemns the attack that claimed the life of an Indian engineer.On the of issue of immigration, which is particularly significant for India in view of the high number of skilled Indian workers in the United States, the US president said that he was in favour of a merit based immigration system in the US on the lines of Canada.

While President Trump reiterated his support for the motto of “buy American, hire American. He also backed free but fair trade.

He stressed on the need to make it easier for companies to do business in the US and on providing them incentive to stay on in the country.

On the foreign policy front, President Trump called for robust and meaningful engagement with the world.

With foreign secretary S Jaishankar on a 4 day visit to the United States, Donald Trump’s address to Congress gives India grounds to push through its interest on immigration, H1B visas and boosting trade and strategic ties with the United States of America.

On the issue of radical Islam, Donald Trump said ISIS kills Muslims, Christians, people from all faiths and that he vows to destroy it with help of allies including those in the Muslim world.President Trump also stressed on revival of the US economy with a focus on generating employment and free trade. Terming Obama-care as disastrous, he announced that he will repeal and replace Obamacare.

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