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Telangana to setup “Barosa centres” state wide

Telangana Home minister N. Narasimha Reddy has said that to counter the attacks and harassments on women, state of Telangana is going to setup Barosa centres across the state which will ensure the safety of women. With the She teams completing 3 years from its setup, the police department has organised a meeting at the RTC kala bhavan in Bagh lingampally. Home Minister has said that the youth have the ability to change the government and politics in the state with their strength. He said that there are many students who have an understanding of the politics and there are a few who are turning out to be a threat to the society. To counter such mishaps in society, She-teams were setup in the state and in the last few years because of The She teams, there is a reduced number of eave teasers, Commissioner Mahinder Reddy said that with the contribution of the people the police department has setup CCTV’s in almost all the areas in the city. He said that there is a reduction of 40% in the crime rate, there is a reduction of 95% in chain snatchings and the murders in state has a 40% reduction.


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