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Telangana Inter Results : Student gets 0 marks instead of 99, so far 21 students have committed suicide

Telangana Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) has suspended a teacher on Sunday and imposed a fine on another teacher. That’s because the teacher gave a student zero in the examination instead of 99.

Since TSBEE’s examination results have been released, so far 21 students have committed suicide. The Board issued the results of classes 11th and 12th on 18th April.

After which the student groups and parents protested. And the state government ordered the re-examination of three lakh children’s answer papers, which have been failed. This year, a total of 9.74 lakh students had passed the examination. Out of which 3.28 lakh students were failed.

Here the State Government gave the contract for the nomination and the results of the examination to a private company. Now students and parents say that the company system has wrongly failed thousands of students. And they appeared absent even though they were present in the examination.

Telangana Parent Association president N Narayan says that due to technical disturbances in the evaluation system, meritorious students get 5 and 10 numbers in some disciplines. Thousands of students were said to be absent, instead of taking the exam.

When the results of the test were declared, the company also accepted technical disturbances. But also said that the correction has been done. But now it seems that the whole process itself is messy. Of course the company can correct its mistake now, but due to this mistake, many children have taken their lives.

The committee of three members handed over the report to the government after which the people have started taking steps against the culprits. The student of Gaja Navya, who passed the 12th examination, received 0 marks in Telugu paper. When he tested it, it came to know that he had 99 points. The new case shows that the result of the exam is disturbed.

Uma Devi, a teacher checking for the new paper, has been fined Rs 5,000. She is a teacher in private school. His school management also dismissed him. The board has also suspended a teacher named Vijay Kumar. Who teach in Adivasi Welfare School They were entrusted with the responsibility of the investigator but they failed to detect the disturbances.

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