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Serve Selflessly as Medicine is a Noble Profession: Vice President

The Vice President, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu today advised medical students to imbibe the values of discipline, dedication and serve selflessly to become successful in their careers.

Interacting with MBBS third year students from Gitam Institute of Medical Science and Research, Visakhapatnam, he reminded them that medicine was a noble profession and asked them to be always guided by moral compass. “ Medical profession is a mission and not for commission… there should not be any remission or omission”, he added.

He said that people treat doctors as demigods and asked them not to betray the trust reposed in them.

Pointing out that lack of physical activity was leading to lifestyle diseases, he cautioned the students against sedentary way of living.

Recalling the contributions Charaka and Sushruta to the field of medicine, he said India was once known as ‘Vishwaguru and Indians were pioneers in many scientific advancements. He also emphasized the need for youngsters to be rooted to Indian culture, traditions and customs.

The Vice President told the students that it was essential to work with passion for leading a happy and productive life.

He also advised them never to forget or neglect mother, motherland, mother tongue, native place and their Guru or teacher, who shaped their personalities. “Unfortunately, because of colonial rule, we are forgetting mother tongue” he lamented. It was necessary to be proficient in mother tongue to articulate one’s views effectively.

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