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Prime Minister to interact with Chief Secretaries of States & Union Territories in New Delhi today

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact with Chief Secretaries of all States/UTs in the National Conference of Chief Secretaries being organized by the NITI Aayog to further the spirit of cooperative and competitive federalism on Monday, 10th July.. Chief Secretaries from 30 States/UTs along with Planning Secretaries, Finance Secretaries, Health Secretaries, Agriculture Secretaries and Industry Secretaries will attend the Conference.

The deliberations will cover a wide range of issues. The focus will be on best practices in social and economic sectors across States. Various developmental indicators developed by NITI Aayog, in the areas of health, education, water management and digital transformation will be discussed to measure performance and progress of States and rank them appropriately to instill healthy competition among them.

In addition interactive sessions on ‘Agricultural Reforms’, ‘Health &Nutrition’ and ‘Developmental issues’ have also been planned. Discussions on the financial position of the States/UTs post Fourteenth Finance Commission, Outcome based monitoring, DBT implementation and its progress, ease of doing business figure as key element of the agenda of the daylong National Conference.

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