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PM Modi donates for welfare of sanitation workers’ of Kumbh Mela

Prime Minister Narendra Modi donates 21 lakh rupees from his personal savings to the corpus fund for the welfare of sanitation workers of Kumbh Mela; This is latest in the series of such steps taken by Prime Minister Modi.

Recently, on receiving the Seoul Peace Prize a few days ago in South Korea, he had immediately announced that the entire prize money of Rs. 1.3 crore prize money will be donated towards Namami Gange, to help clean the holy River Ganga. Besides, the collection of Rs. 3.40 crore from an auction of his mementoes received during his tenure as Prime Minister, is also being donated to the cause of Namami Gange.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had again initiated the auctioning of gifts he received till then in 2015. Rs 8.33 crore were raised during the auction held at Surat and the amount raised went to the Namame Ganga Mission.

Upon completion of his tenure as CM of Gujarat, he donated Rs 21 lakh from personal savings for educating Gujarat government staffs’ daughters. Rs 89.96 crore raised by auctioning all gifts he received as chief minister was also donated to the Kanya Kelavani Fund. The money was spent on the education of girl child, through the scheme.

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