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Minister Pandey takes review meeting of Education Department

Education Minister Mr. Arvind Pandey held a review meeting of the Education Department in the Secretariat on Monday. He reviewed the action taken by the Nodal Officers regarding the directions issued by the honorable High Court that price of the others books being introduced by certain private schools should not be more than NCERT books. During the review, Nodal officials told that in certain schools, books other than NCERT are also being taught, which is increasing financial burden on the parents. Education Minister said that such cases should be brought to the notice of the High Court and notices be issued to the respective schools. Information about the books in the curriculum by each school should be uploaded on the website. He asked officials to ensure that there should be no dearth of NCERT books. Books are available in schools on time. He gave instructions to NCERT officials to convene a meeting in this regard soon.

Education Minister said that regular programmes will be organized in schools on the birth and death anniversary of the great personalities. Information about the life of great personalities and their accomplishments should be given in the prayer gatherings. Such activities should also be got done by the students. Annual day function should also be organized in the schools. Education Minister said that teachers, who do good work, should be honoured. He said that a separate list should be made of the teacher and teacher couple, suffering from cancer or kidney disease and have to get dialysis or their children are suffering from these diseases.

Only qualified instructors should be kept on the basis of the number of trainees in the DIET. Education Minister said that the schools having less than 10 students, where now the number of students has increased should be inspected to ascertain the actual situation. No negligence will be tolerated in this work.

In the meeting Secretary Education Dr. Bhupendra Kaur Aulakh, Director General Education Captain Alok Shekhar Tiwari, Director Secondary Education R.K. Kunwar, Director of Academic Seema Jaunsari, Additional State Project Director Samagra Shiksha Dr. Mukil Kumar Sati, Additional Director SCERT Ajay Naudiyal and other officers of the Education Department were present.

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