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Make a complete use of Central funds: Dinesh Kumar

Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar has called for meeting with the officials of various departments. He asked them to make the maximum utilization of the funds from the central government and asked them to submit the utilization certificate to the central government, so that they can acquire more funds from the central government. He has discussed various topics in these meeting like land allocation for central government buildings, central government funds release and utilization etc. He said that there should be no interference in the land allocation to the central government and has asked the officials to report if there is any issue regarding that.

He said that for the year of 2016-17, Rs. 10,400cr was allotted to the state from the central government and this year, he asked the officials to make sure that they get 15000cr for 2017-18. He said the officials that utilization certificate for the funds should be submitted to the central government in time. He ordered the State finance secretary M. Ravi Chandra to make sure that there are no errors in the getting the funds to the state. CS has asked the concerned officials to submit the utilization certificate of the Maternity benefits scheme for the year of 2015-16 to the central government.



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