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KCR on Measures taken to control the crimes of Nayeem Gang

Hyderabad : Telangana State CM KCR today released a statement the measures takento curb the crimes of Nayeem Gang that posed immense threat to the Law and Order.

Here’s the full text what the TS chief Minister said…

For the past two and half decades, Nayeem gang has committed heinous crimes in the state of Telangana. The activities of the gang which commenced in Bhongir as epicenter, gradually spread to the entire State of Telangana. Several innocent people became victims of the atrocities committed by this gang. Public were forced to live in fear. During the reign of the pervious governments Nayeem continued his criminal activities without any hindrance. Soon after formation of our Government, several victims of Nayeem’s gang approached the Government and appealed for the justice. Our Government decided to contain the heinous activities of Nayeem’s gang with iron hand. Accordingly, police were instructed to initiate appropriate action without further delay. On the instructions of the Government, Police mounted continuous surveillance on the activities and movements of the Nayeem’s gang.

On 08.08.16, police received credible information that Nayeem’s gang was moving with deadly weapons in the Millennium Township area of Shadnagar. Police reached the spot and tried to effect arrest of the gang. In an Exchange of Fire that ensued, when police tried to apprehend the gang, Nayeem lost his life. Police recovered one AK47 rifle, one 9 mm pistol and ammunition from the scene of crime.

Considering the serious nature of the crime committed by the Nayeem’s gang, Government appointed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the heinous crime comprehensively. Four special teams were constituted under the supervision of SIT to effectively carry out investigation of the cases registered against the gang. The fear which surrounded the public got shattered with the death of Nayeem and public reposing confidence in the Government, started reporting the cases to the SIT. On the complaints of victims, 174 cases were registered. Police examined 741 witnesses and arrested 124 accused. During the raids conducted across the State on the dens/hideouts of Nayeem’s gang, police seized 21 fire arms,21 cars,26 motor cycles and cash worth Rs 2 crore 95 lakhs 9 thousands eighty. Police also seized documents of properties registered in the names of family and friends of Nayeem i.e. land to the extent of 1,015 acres, house sites to the extent of 1,67,000 Sq. Yds., and 27 residential houses. The registered value of the properties seized is estimated to Rs.143,94,05,198/-. So far, the involvement of Nayeem’s gang is established in 27 murder cases and their involvement is suspected in another 25 murder cases. Within a short period, the police have collected details of several cases in which the gang is involved and secured material evidence.

Charge sheets have been filed in the Court of Law, in 2 cases and another 15 charge sheets are ready to be filed in the competent Courts for inquiry. As the extent of the criminal activities of the gang is spread all over the state, the investigation is still in progress.

Public are relieved with the atrocities/extortions of Nayeem and are feeling sigh of relief and breathing freely after his death. People are appreciating the Government for exhibiting tough stand in suppressing the unlawful activities of anti-social elements. Government also appreciated the Police, who exhibited high efficiency with full dedication in handling Nayeem issue.


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