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Its the game of Four Gujarathis behind the collapse of our economic system : Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha

Hyderabad:There has been talk about Adanis and Ambanis having known about the currency demonetisation in WhatsApp groups.

In a Press release Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha. President, Telangana State,Dantu Nagarjuna Sarma claimed that It is the, Reliance Jio and Adani of Paytm brainwork behind Modi.

Mr.sarma further said it is crystal clear that it is none other than Reliance Jio. Having known in advance the Reliance Jio launched its operating system. Looking at our vast economy and planned for cashless transactions and digitally enabled transactions

As the cash woes of crores of citizens has started the fact that Reliance Jio is behind the entire demonitization is coming to the fore. It is the Mastermind stroke that Reliance Jio started issuing Jio Sims free of cost. Also the Sims were distributed house to house to capture the future cashless economy transactions.

“This is indeed a master stroke to capture the Indian market and hold it in the clutches of Reliance Jio. In the recently released statement Reliance Jio, declared that Jio users have crossed 50 million mark. The last 3months Reliance Jio announced they got registered 900 crore calls. Now we can clearly state that the PM Modi is totally influenced by Reliance. Tomorrow when we look at the entire country it is inevitable that we will go into the hands of the gaint Reliance Jio,” said the President of Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha.

Now after 31st December everybody will be in the hands of only two people, that is Ambani and Adani.

‘Its the game of Four Gujarathis. At least let the Indians realise who is behind the collapse of our economic system’,the Press release from Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha stated.



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