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Is West Bengal so weird with politics?

By, Indrani Sarkar

What India thinks tomorrow, Bengal does it today. Bangla and the Bengalis have always been a Think Tank and branded to be a proactive in every way .And as a bong I too feel proud that most of the revolutionary movements originated in Bengal including the freedom struggle .

Bengalis are known for their “Misthi Bhasha”(sweet language) and spend most of time in Politics ,Music and Literature. But when its comes to politics ,it has been always said that WB has messed up politics. But How far it is true?

Infact, Bengal is ruled mostly by strong leaders and remembered for their contribution to the development of the state. WB Present CM, Mamata Banergee, is also a very strong leader but her strength are always branded as more disruptive in present political environment.

TMC leader Mamta, who established her party after she got decimating from Congress and left font.In bengal politics Didi is always acting like a “Jhansi ki Rani who revolt bengal political secnario.She increases her enemies when took the issues like Durga Puja to fight against lefties by supporting Muslims and not allowing immersion of Durga on Dasami just because it falls last day of Muharram.

It said that Bengal Politics is messed up because the ruling party is intruding into religious affairs . Mamta Didi has stopped immersion of Durga on Muharram ,appointed a Muslim to Hindu temple makes people against her more.

In the ongoing Lok Sabha polls is as much about whether Modi can carry the BJP because as it is to check on Mamata’s boast that she will sweep the polls in the state .

It is but understood that Centre and State relationships are not cordial and Mamta Banerjee is always at loggerheads with the center in all matters and in messing of Indian politics.

If Modi has largely take over the centre-stage of India’s parliamentary election this time, his bitter battle with chief minister Mamata Banerjee has monopolized the limelight, with every passing round in this ongoing seven-phase election.

The ongoing battle is nothing but protecting the flag of Indian secularism against the all the disconcerted over-power saffron flag of Hindutva and fighting against a religious politics of Uncle Sam like BJP.

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