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India Railways restores train services in Kashmir valley

During the winter season, snowfall often halts the movement of vehicles in Kashmir Valley, in this situation, the train operation is considered the best mode of transportation in Kashmir Valley. Indian Railways has restored train services to benefit the thousands of local commuters to travel by train over the entire area between Baramulla to Banihal (138 Km). The decision to re-start the train services in Kashmir valley was taken after due security audits and assurance by Government Railway Police, Jammu & Kashmir.

Recently, on 07th November, 2019 due to heavy snow fall, the railway tracks were covered under snow with thickness of 20 to 45 cm. Rail snow cutting machines were pressed into the service to clear snow over railway tracks. The Srinagar–Baramulla section and Srinagar–Banihal section were cleared before permitting safe operation on railway track.

Accordingly, inspection and trial runs were undertaken between Srinagar – Baramulla Rail Section on 10th November, 2019 and between Srinagar-Banihal section on 16th November, 2019.

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