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IAF conducts Day-Night exercise ‘Vayu Shakti’ in Rajasthan

The Indian Air Force put on a spectacular display of its operational capabilities during Day-Night excercise ‘Vayu Shakti’ at Pokhran range near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

During the Fire Power Display, various simulated enemy targets on ground and in air were targeted and destroyed employing a variety of missiles, precision guided munitions, unguided bombs and rockets by various fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force.

The fighter aircraft included the Su-30, Mig-27, Mig-29 upgrade, LCA-Tejas, Mirage-2000, Mig-21 Bison and Hawk and also the weaponised version of the indigenous Advanced Light Helicopter.

Of special note were the precision strikes to destroy Transporter Erector Launchers of enemy surface-to-surface missiles and the swing role capability of the indigenously built Tejas aircraft demonstrated through

destruction of an aerial target with a missile and then a ground target with bombs, in the same sortie.

Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa, in his opening address, assured the nation of the Indian Air Force’s commitment to national defence and of its capability to thwart any external aggression.

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