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GMR Hyderabad International Airport Handles First Freighter from Russia during Covid-19 Lockdown

GMR led Hyderabad International Airport handled its first ever commercial cargo service from Russia with the landing of Aeroflot Airlines, the flag carrier and the largest airline of the Russian Federation on 5th May. The Aeroflot freighter ā€“ SU 7012 (Arrivals)/ SU 7013 (Departures) came from Moscow landing at Hyderabad Airport on 5th May at 11.17 AM and departed on 6th May 12.03 AM.

This is the first time a commercial B777 Passenger to Cargo (P to C) flight landed at Hyderabad International Airport to uplift the Pharmaceuticals to Moscow. This aircraft carried General Pharma (approx. 20 different types of medicines and vaccines) and took off with a full load of approx. 50 tons both in belly as well as fastened cargo-on-seats. This was a one of its kind wide body ā€˜P to Cā€™ Cargo flight movement for Hyderabad.

Currently, the service of Aeroflot freighter is limited to the Covid-19 Lockdown period. Hyderabad International Airport is pursuing to have a regular weekly frequency of this freighter, which if works out, will enable a direct connectivity of Hyderabad to Russia and other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. CIS countries have a major demand for Pharmaceuticals and this freighter can open up a direct gateway to the CIS countries. This sector also has a demand for Aerospace, Engineering and General Cargo.

Aeroflot has been operating since 1923, making it to be one of the oldest active airlines in the world. Aeroflot is headquartered in the Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow, with its hub being Sheremetyevo International Airport. The airline flies to 146 destinations in 52 countries, excluding codeshared services.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo has handled all kinds of goods including Essential and Perishable products along with majorly Covid19 relief material, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, IT, Aerospace, perishables and console cargo. During this period from the commencement of lockdown till date, the airport has handled approx. 5500 tons of cargo.

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