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Hyderabad: Revolutionary poet and social activists, Mr. Gaddar is going to launch a new political party “Tygala Telangana” very soon. There are rumours that he is very serious about exposing the failures of TRS Govt.

It may be mentioned that during Telangana agitation, Mr. Gaddar had played a leading role for creating awareness among the people through his songs which were applauded by a large number of people. Now he is getting ready to enter political arena. It is said that Gaddar will make an announcement very soon for the formation of new political party. He had also floated “Telangana Praja Front” in 2014 but after the formation of T-State, this party remained a non-political organization.

The original name of Gaddar is G. Vithal Rao. When Naxalite Movement was at its peak, Mr. Gaddar was at the height of fame. He was treated as a representative of the Maoists, he was attacked also but he escaped the attack. He always gave importance to the basic issues of the people. His revolutionary songs are his identity.

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