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FM Jaitley slams UPA for vicious theory of ‘Hindu terror’

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his blog on Thursday said that 3 fake campaigns of ‘Compulsive Contrarians’ have been busted in a single day. He refers to the campaigns of alleged Hindu terror, Godhra Train Fire of 2002 and Nirav Modi. Arun Jaitley concludes that ultimately truth has prevailed.

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitely on Thursday slammed UPA for vicious theory of ‘Hindu terror’ which was coined during the UPA Government.

In a blog, Jaitley said that the ‘Compulsive Contrarians’ adopted it and Thursday’s verdict by the Court has judicially put the last nail in the coffin of the so called ‘Hindu terror theory’. It was a conspiracy to give a bad name to the otherwise liberal majority community in India. Terror is alien to the Hindu culture.

Godhra train fire of 2002

On Godhar train fire case Jaitley said, The burning of the Sabarmati Express at Godhra in 2002 was an attempt to instigate social and communal tension in the State. The accused in the case were identified. Accused were arrested at different points of time, chargesheeted. Many of the accused were convicted earlier and an accused arrested subsequently has been convicted by the trial court on Thursday.

Nirav Modi Arrest

On the arrest of Nirav Modi, Finance Minister wrote that Nirav Modi’s arrest the compulsive contrarians’ fakery has again been exposed. This also busts the fake campaign that the present Government had anything to do with him. The country is reassured again that whoever cheats India and its institutions cannot get away.

There is an inherent danger in relying only on fake issues. They crack up and collapse as three of them did on Thursday. I hope the manufacturers’ of fake campaign learns some lesson. They don’t seem to be considering their brazen attitude.

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