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Poultry India’s Expo in Hyderabad Acquired Massive Success

Poultry India Expo had people coming from various parts of the world. They have set up their stalls in the expo. The expo was set up to bring awareness about the methods to be used in poultry and aqua culture productivity.

As a part of this expo, Thailand’s FishVet Group Asia in association with India’s AquaVet Group had all set to launch PCR device. The companies claim that this PCR will help in finding out the health conditions of the fish and help in providing a proper nutritious diet to the fish and making sure that the fish is healthy with a proper feed intake

Egg co-ordination committee along with the VH Company has said that the Poultry India Expo is receiving a huge response from the public. They have informed the press that Poultry Expo has been receiving huge response from the public past 10 years and with the shortage of eggs availability, the prices have gone up a bit for time being.

The National Egg Co-Ordination Committee claims that the poultry industry has got enough opportunities for the rural youth as it is a long lasting industry which can help in developing the countries’ economy. The NECC claims that with the encouragement from the Government, they can help in providing the employment opportunities for the youth in rural sectors.

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