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False narrative can damage democracy : National Security Advisor Ajit Doval

On the occassion of ‘Sardar Patel Memorial lecture’ organized by All India Radio, National Security advisor Ajit Doval paid tributes to the iron man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who will always be remembered for unifying the country.

Speaking on the theme “Dream India 2030”, Ajit Doval hailed Sardar Patel as a great visionary.Doval said that true democracy is one in which rule of law prevails under a strong and stable government.

He stressed on the need to avoid erosion of rule of law for political gains.

He said weak coalitions are bad for the country and further added that a strong and decisive government for another 10 years is needed for the country.

He also said that a disinformation campaign can do extensive damage to a nation and democracy.Ajit Doval blamed Jawaharlal Nehru for the Kashmir issue.

He said that had he listened to Sardar Patel, things wouldn’t be the way they are today.

Thanking Modi Government for the tough decisions taken in the last 4 years Ajit Doval said that India is now recieving a 100% transfer of technology in the defence sector.

What has added to this is the emergence of India as a growing Economic power over the last four years , he said.

The NSA said that India will be third largest economic power by 2030 is no longer disputed and it is fast emerging as an innovation and technology hub.

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