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Eliminating discriminatory tendencies against Divyaangjan should be the first step in empowering them: Vice President

The Vice President, Shri. M.Venkaiah Naidu said today that the empowerment of differently abled persons should start with the complete and total annihilation of discriminatory tendencies against them.

He was addressing the gathering at “Miracle on Wheels”, a cultural performance presented by differently abled persons, organized by the PushpviharAyyappaSewaSamithi in New Delhi today.

The Vice President expressed his deep appreciation for the “Miracle on wheels” performers and said that the wonderful and multitalented group of individuals has been showing the world that no disability can tie them down and conquer their spirits.

He applauded the community welfare initiatives and social service activities undertaken by the PushpviharAyyappaSevaSamithiand said that the idea of community welfare formed the core of India’s social ethos.‘“Sarvejanahsukhinobhavantu” has been the underlying theme of Indian philosophical thought. Caring and sharing has been at the centre of our cultural tradition’, he added.

Speaking of the several initiatives undertaken by the union and various State Governments for the welfare of differently-abled people, the Vice President asserted that it should be the collective responsibility of the government and the society to support Divyangjan and empower them to lead a dignified life.

Shri. Naidu emphasized that differently-abled people need is empathy, encouragement, facilitation and empowerment.He stated that Eliminating discriminatory tendencies against Divyaangjanshould be the first step in empowering them. ‘As a society, we need to ensure that no stigma is attached to disability and learn to recognize the valuable human assets we have in people with special needs’, he added.

The Vice President said that India is a cultural treasure house we can all be proud of. He made an earnest appeal to one and all to preserve and augment India’s cultural heritage and to promote the message of peace, compassion and inclusion that is at the heart of our cultural and religious tradition.

He expressed hope that organisations like the PushpviharAyyappaSewaSamithiwould continue to improve the quality of human lives through events like this that showcase the divine spark in every human being.

Justice (Retd.) K Ramamoorthy, Chairman-Advisory Board, PushpviharAyyappaSewaSamithi, Justice Rajiv Shakhdher, Justice, High Court of Delhi, Shri. Vijay Kumar Dev, Chief Secretary, Government of Delhi, Shri. Mohan Parasaran, Senior Advocate and Chairman, Co-ordination Committee, PushpviharAyyappaSewa Samiti and others were present at the occasion.

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