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Drink safe and Ride Smart: A historic campaign in Telangana to eliminate drunken driving

By Indrani Sarkar

The first it kind in the city of Nizam, TS government is all set to achieve the safety mission for ZERO DUI ( Driving Under the influence). The Telangana government has signed a MoU with Mission Smart Ride (MSR), an NGO for this purpose and launched a poster and an ad film to promote their campaign here on 20th May.
While launching the drunk driving a poster and a short film, Dr.R V Chandravadan, Commissioner of the Prohibition and Excise Department said that the excise departments have taken innovative measures to bring down the accident rate, particularly drunk driving.
The ZERO DUI Poster and a short film, made by Mission Smart Ride Foundation to explain in detail about the ill-effects of driving in an inebriated condition.
Mission Smart Ride (MSR), the NGO has also signed a MoU with the Telangana government and some other organisations to train the staffers of bars and restaurants to bring down drunk driving accidents.
Mr.Nanda Kishore Sandilya, Foundation Chief Executive Officer had explained about the training given to the bar employees and Excise department officials on addressing drunk driving issues.
Mr.Sandilya further said,”We have 5 chapter training for bar staff which include 1 chapter on how to control customer disputes n how to convince them to avoid drunken driving and take cab or driver service.”Mission Smart Ride, an initiative started in 2015 to promote zero accidents due to drunk driving.


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