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Disapproval calls Andhra CM Davos trip a ‘publicity stunt’

Amaravati: Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s latest visit has come under outbreak from the opposition parties, dubbing it as a “publicity stunt” and alleging he was not an invitee to the event but a paid delegate.

The Andhra government has spent Rs 7,52,57,500 for its show in Davos, including setting up the ‘AP Lounge’ for marketing “Sunrise Andhra Pradesh” with the Chief Minister himself carrying the mantle.

Of the total sum, Rs 69.30 lakh was spent for the accommodation of the delegation, including the Chief Minister, the Finance Minister and senior officials, according to official figures. Another Rs 44.27 lakh was spent on putting up the state’s billboard on a star hotel in Davos.

The delegation was sanctioned Rs 54.72 lakh as “advance” towards airfare, daily allowance, breakfast, lunch, dinner and purchase of shawls and mementos (for visitors to the AP Lounge).

A sum of Rs 6.39 crore was paid to CII for putting up the AP Lounge on the sidelines of WEF conference, where the Chief Minister held meetings with top executives of various multinational companies, soliciting investments into the state.

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