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CM Chandra Babu order for immediate construction of NTR nagars in cities

-House is not only a property but also a sentiment

-There will be a monthly inspection on this housing project

-Recipient happiness is the key goal

-Nandyala to get 800cr for housing project

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu while speaking in a teleconference from his residence to the housing board officials and public representatives has ordered to immediately construct NTR nagars with completely finished houses in the cities of Andhra Pradesh. He said them that the houses being built under this initiative should turn out to be a model for other housing boards in the country with all the modern facilities as available in the latest houses.CM while speaking said that house is not just a property but also a sentiment for everyone. So CM said that the houses should be constructed with all the facilities and the recipients should not have any difficulties in them.

Chandra Babu Naidu has given a warning that he will inspect the construction of the houses activity every month. He asked them to conduct workshops for the recipients and said that he will participate in them. He asked the officials to categorize the recipients within 3 days. He asked the recipients to select the model for the house constructions. He has advised the construction of these houses in a gated community pattern and they should be a competitor for the private developers. He said government is ready to provide half of the amount for G+7 constructions and the rest should be given by the recipients. He said that the government is providing all the facilities for this housing construction like electricity, water, roads, and gardens. For the construction of each house government is giving a subsidy of 3L. He reminded them to construct the houses in a housing society pattern with all the facilities like community halls, parks, Health centers and skill development centers.

Chandra Babu Naidu said that only in Nandyala constituency the government is ready to spend 800cr for the construction of houses for the poor. He said that the 120 acres of land acquired in 3 different places for this construction is costing 250cr and the amount being given as subsidy for this construction is 400cr along with a expense of 150cr for roads, drinking water, electricity and other infrastructure in this areas. He said that such constructions will take place in all the cities and asked the officials to finish the construction of the NTR nagars within these 2 years. Minister for Urban Housing Dr. Narayana, Minister Adinarayana Reddy, Ministers, City development officer Karikal Valvan, District collectors, MLA’s, Municipal Chairman’s were present in this teleconference.

Government policies are to be closely monitored

Women Welfare Associations which were earlier known as saving organizations are now keeping a close watch on the functioning of the state government policies. As this associations have a strong network right from state level to village level, it has come under the notice of government. The Government has decided that by using the services of these associations every level of policies information can be easily acquired. SERP which had earlier worked for the linkage of the bank accounts in these associations has come forward for this. Last year without any information, women within the age group of 18-35 have mutually participated in providing information regarding the implementation of the policies and their decisions. With these close observations, the errors in the policies implementation can be easily rectified. Earlier in 2002 June under the “Velugu policy” of SERP, women groups were formed, providing them support, building their profile, bank linkage and other financial support was provided to them. At that time, the women from these groups were limited only to making of cloth material, snacks, pickles and other household material. Later on with the membership of students who finished 10th and intermediate in these groups, SERP has extended its limits and they were into Self service training, agriculture, banking and insurance works were allotted to them. Later on as the state went online, it required huge man power to understand the functioning of policies for this, new Internet services were launched. Tata Trust and Google India has provided them training through Blue fox company. In 2016 November after demonetization, the women from this organization acted as volunteers in helping the villagers understand cashless transactions. Earlier women from these groups provided training for 6, 72,602 and now the Government is using their service in tracking the information of the policies being implemented in state.

When they were asked regarding the collection of information, SERP CEO DR. P Krishna Mohan said that National Info metrics Centre will provide App’s for all the sections in various departments. CEO said that by utilizing their services, they are getting an additional amount of Rs 2,500-Rs 5000. He said that at present their volunteers are working for Agricultural sector.





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