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CM App helped poor families got rid of kitchen smoke, receive Ujjawala gas connection


The Chief minister office received a complaint few days ago that some poor families of Chaira Dhuroli village in Tehsil Gangolihat of Pithoragarh district are not getting the benefit of Ujjawala scheme. These families belong to below BPL category. The complainant was informed that only backward class families are eligible for the scheme and general category families are ineligible to get the benefit of the scheme. It was stated that when the scheme will be opene for general category, only then they will get the benefit.

The Chief Minister office expected the Pithoragarh District Magistrate to act on the complaint. The Pithoragarh District magistrate instructed the District Supply Officer, Pithoragarh to resolve the complaint.

Regarding the issue, Manager Gas Service, Gangolihat informed that three families namely Mrs Madhuli Devi, wife of Mr Kesar Singh, Mrs Madhuli Devi wife of Mr Laxman Singh and Mrs Madhvi Devi wife of Mr Kesar Singh did not find their names in SECC-2011 list so they were not provided gas connections under Ujjawala scheme and these three families belonging to general category also could not be benefitted under the Prime Minister extended Ujjawala scheme. The Pithoragarh District Magistrate instructed the District Supply Officer to grant gas connections to these three families under the State government Ujjawala scheme. The District Supply Officer informed that all the three families were given gas connections as per the orders under state government Ujjawala scheme on December 4.

Under the State government Ujjawala scheme, the Food and Supply department has a budget provision of rs. ten crores for the year (2018-19). In the first phase, a sum of rs. one crore has been allocated to all the district supply officers of all the 13 districts. The state government I committed to provide gas connections to all the poor families who have been deprived of gas connections under Prime Minister Ujjawala scheme. The complainant has thanked the Chief minister and District magistrate, Pithoragarh and said that the CM App is helpful and everybody should get help of this public welfare application.

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