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Cerebral Palsy is something that the world does not welcome

World Cerebral Palsy Day is a movement organized jointly by children, their family members and various organizations involved in Cerebral Palsy in more than 75 countries. The main objective of this movement is to ensure that children and individuals affected by Celebral Palsy have the same right to life and opportunities as other ordinary citizens. To achieve this, everyone must work together. The team is appealing to you to play your part in making this work a success this year as well.

Showcase your uniqueness – the theme of World Celebral Palsy 2020
Due to the Covid epidemic, people around the world and society have had to embrace major changes in their way of life. Even those who suffer from covid in this cohort are embracing these changes and living up to the latest challenges and finding many creative solutions.

That’s why 2020 Cerebral Palsy Day called for the world to be introduced to the creative solutions they find during the epidemic. To this end, on October 6, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will be the platform to showcase the creative methods or solutions they have put in place and say what changes they expect.

World covid Day being observed on Tuesday 6th October 2020 and according to Dr. Sindhu Vasireddy, Neurologist, Aster Prime Hospital,Cerebral Palsy in children is a big issue that our world does not welcome. Celebrity Palsy Day, held annually on October 6, reminds us once again of the 17 million people who suffer from this disorder.

covid is a disability that affects the most vulnerable of our children. Once a child is infected with the disease, they have to live with it for the rest of their lives. In some societies it is also strongly believed that the disease does not come unless the mother does something wrong in her life. World Cerebral Palsy Day is held annually to inform the world of their plight and to take the necessary drastic measures to alleviate their suffering as well as to create a proper awareness among the people about them.

covid is a disorder that affects the coordination between the movements of our body organs and the muscles needed for it. It is not a genetic or an infectious disease. Life-long disorder. Although it is one of the most serious physical disabilities in children, many who have grown up with the disease due to proper treatment are able to work and live good lives. However, the cost of treatment and the equipment needed to live a normal life weighs heavily on them.

Celebral Palsy is a complex disability –

One out of every four children who suffer from covid cannot speak
One in every four children who suffer from covid cannot walk
One in every two children affected by Celebral Palsy will not have mental growth
One in every four people with a Cerebral Palsy will have epilepsy
covid is a lifelong disability, for which there is no cure

The symptoms of this disease vary from person to person. A person with a high disease severity may be able to walk only with the help of special equipment or may not be able to walk at all and may need treatment for the rest of his life. Those with a lower severity of the disease will no longer be in a position to rely exclusively on others, walking with very embarrassing conditions. Once the disease is present the severity of the disorder does not change but the symptoms of the disease change as the person grows.

When should children be suspected of having covid?

Even if children are lagging behind in developmental activities such as tumbling or rolling over, walking, standing or walking
Children may not stand upright when walking or look like scissors when walking Children within a year exhibit the habit of consuming only one side of the limb

It is very beneficial for children and families to be able to detect the disease as soon as such symptoms appear.

Treatment –

There is no cure for covid. However with some kind of treatments one can try to improve their life. It is imperative to provide proper treatment as soon as the disease is detected.

Once it is decided that there is a Celebral Palsy, the expert medical team will work with the children and their family members to create a special plan for how the infected child will be able to make full use of his life. This includes medications, surgery if necessary, bandaging as well as physical, professional, and speech-related switch therapy. This is not to say that any treatment is good for them. Depending on the situation, they may need to consult with the doctor who is treating them and make a decision based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Children suffering from Celebral Palsy – covid Epidemic

The effect of the corona virus is similar for both children and other people who suffer from covid in general. However, children with the disease are at high risk for many other chronic diseases and are more likely to be at risk for further complications from viral infections. These include increased mobility, multiple disabilities, pre-existing respiratory problems, malnutrition as well as a complex medical condition or clinical weakness.

Like hospitals for many other ailments, clinic services for covid disorders have long been unable to provide services due to long-term lock-down and subsequent epidemic conditions. Under these circumstances it is imperative that these children be kept out of the covid pandemic in a safe environment as much as possible. As well as keeping as little contact with the outside world as possible and taking appropriate precautions when going in the wrong situations. In case of any further difficulties, consult a doctor immediately and seek appropriate advice on their use of exercise and other facilities.

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