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BARC’s “Spice revolution” to fight against cancer

By Indrani Sarkar, Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Yes you read it right. Herbs and Spices are plaited in the history of mankind since the early civilization but now some of these herbs are being used to develop affordable drugs that can fight cancer by the Scientists from Bhabha atomic research centre.

In addition zesty colour and taste to food, Indian spices have a certain amount of cancer-fighting properties in them with supposedly lesser side effects than other drugs. For example Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger having cancer fighting elements in them.

Dr S Chattopadhyay, heads the bio-science group claims that “Rampatri’ (False nutmeg) is a significant development, as neuroblastoma treatment is aggressive and the disease is known to recur.

BARC’s bio-science group have developed a chemotherapeutic drug that has, in studies on mice, shown potency against lung cancer and also neuroblastoma .

Dr.Chattopadhyay further said in a media interaction that developed radiomodifiers,the other oral drug that will improve the effect of radiotherapy while protecting tissues, lymphocytes, lungs and the gastrointestinal system from radiation injury. The radiomodifier had been taken up for clinical trial at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

Even though herbal drugs have fewer side effects but effective than traditional cancer medications.


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