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Army Chief Bipin Rawat calls for updating forces

New Delhi: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Friday speak to his first media conference in which he stated the various measures his administration will take to address the complaints of the soldiers and other army issues.

The increasing incidents of various military and paramilitary officials complaining about various issues on social media platform made this address by the Army Chief utterly important. While the press conference is not exclusively to address the issues which were notified in those viral videos, but the Army Chief General also touched upon them in the media conference.

The Army Chief also reacted to the viral video of Border Security Force (BSF) Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav in which he complained of inedible food and siphoning off of ration. General Rawat said that if soldiers have any grievance, they can contact him directly.

The Army chief also urged soldiers to not go to social media to discuss about issues. Army Chief Bipin Rawat calls for modernising forces, says will conduct more surgical strikes if needed. The Army Chief highlighted that there are innumerable challenges along the nations’ borders and stated that the army is concerned about the proxy wars in the nation and acts of terror which are affecting the secular fabric of the nation.

Army Chief Rawat said if a soldier pens down the grievances using their identity, it will be ensured that the identity will not be made public. This move on th epart of the Administration seems to be an important and confidence building exercise which if implemented fully, can be actually fruitful in the proper and fair deliverance of justice and in the process of grievance redress. The Chief also added that if the issuer of the complaint is unsatisfied with the action taken, s/he can choose other ways of voicing the grievance.

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