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Ap High Court Verdict On Navayuga Petition On Polavaram Tenders Cancellation

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has already issued a notification for re-tendering of the Nayuga Paulavaram project. However, in this regard, the government was left in the high court.

The High Court on Thursday issued a ruling on a petition filed by the new agency challenging the cancellation of the contract for the Polavaram Hydel project. The High Court issued interim injunction in the case of the Hydel project and said it would not proceed on reverse tendering. The new engineering company has requested the High Court to stop the hydropower project from being handed over to others. Justice DVSS Somayasul, who was hearing the case on Tuesday, reserved the verdict. The High Court dismissed the government’s arguments for the cancellation of the tender project.

It was made clear that the matter of reverse tendering should not proceed. APZENCO canceled orders to cancel the new age contract. The petition filed by the government alleges that the government is deliberately going for reverse tendering to exclude those who are doing fast as per rules. Lawyer, who has argued on behalf of the new age, has brought to the attention of the court that they have not committed any breach of contract since the agreement with Genco.


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