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Recognizing one’s merit is part of Indian culture: M Venkaiah Naidu

.‘Recognizing one’s merit is part of Indian culture’. The Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu said today. He was addressing the gathering at the ‘Jashn-E-Youngistan’ event organized by the News 24 Channel here in New Delhi today. Jashn-E-Youngistan honored those promising young stars who have made their mark in their respective fields of achievement.

The Vice President expressed hope that such awards would inspire other youngsters to excel. Shri. Naidu spoke of the great demographic dividend at the cusp of which India stands today and added that we must do our best to empower the youth of our country.

Shri. Naidu said that India was once known as the ‘Vishwa Guru’, the teacher to the world. He added that India has also always been known for its liberal attitude. ‘We believe in the philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. Share and care is core of Indian philosophy’ he said.

Applauding the novelty of the idea of Jashn-E-Youngistan, Shri. Naidu reasoned that the enrichment of the softer aspects of our society through arts and other cultural pursuits would only add to India’s growth and prosperity. He added that we must therefore encourage and promote human endeavor in these fields.

The Vice President said that our civilization is the oldest and has survived for so long because of our firm belief in the power of love and peace and because of the values of empathy and kindness that is inherent in our cultural tradition.

Expressing concern about the rising violence in the world, Shri. Naidu hoped that India’s neighbors would stand by us in our quest for peace and prosperity. He also said that we have to transform the nation for the betterment of all people.

The Vice President called on youth to participate actively in the momentous task of nation building. ‘There is enormous interest in India’s growth story around the world. India is the fastest growing economy’ he added.

The Vice President said that awards such as these would encourage people to take inspiration from the remarkable stories of the youth icons who have excelled in art, science, music, cinema and other fields.

Shri. Naidu spoke about the need for government programs and schemes such as Swachch Bharat, Beti Bachao, Clean India which are meant for the welfare of all people to become mass movements to realize their actual goals.

Denouncing discrimination in all forms, Shri. Naidu said that we must strive to put an end to such abhorrent practices. He added that it is atrocious to think about caste at this day and age.

He opined that the media should follow some standards and said that News and views should not be mixed. ‘Allow people to decide what is good and what is bad’, he added.

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