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PM Modi shares his vision on foreign policy

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has outlined the underlying thrust of his govt’s foreign policy in an interview to an English news daily. From ‘Diplomacy for Development’ to ‘Neighbourhood First’ from the Wuhan Spirit to his govt’s mantra of 5 S for the Indo-Pacific Region, Prime Minister has spoken about the overarching vision of his govt’s diplomatic outreach. Take a look.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared the overarching theme and vision of his foreign policy.

He said at the heart of his govt’s foreign policy is development of India, well-being of Indians and shared progress and prosperity in the world.

He said the mantra of ‘Diplomacy for Development’ has contributed energetically to the agenda of India’s transformation which is manifested in investment inflows of over 200 million US dollars into India over the past 4 years among other gains for the country.

In an interview to an English news daily, Prime Minister Modi spoke on how scores of partnerships for Make in India, Skill India, Smart Cities, Digital India, Start-up India and other national programmes to help build a New India by 2022 have been formed, which is an outcome of India’s unprecedented diplomatic outreach.

On a question on how has India managed to reconcile the US to India’s armed purchases from Russia, PM Modi said that both US and Russia are India’s long-standing strategic partners and India’s relationship with each of them stands on their individual merits.

He said while ties with Russia are time-tested, the India-US partnership is based on commitment to shared values of democracy and progress and has deepened in an unprecedented manner in the past few years.

He pointed to the upcoming 2 + 2 dialogue between India and the US next month and the co-operation between to the 2 sides in counter-terrorism efforts.

To a question on India-China ties, PM Modi referred to the occasional incidents in the border areas due to differing perceptions about the Line of Actual Control and said that both countries have always managed to resolve these incidents peacefully through dialogue on the ground as well as through diplomatic channels.

Pointing to how not a single bullet has been fired across the India-China border over the last four decades and to the maintenance of peace and tranquility in border areas.

Prime Minister called it a reflection of how mature countries peacefully resolve their differences.

Prime Minister said he has met Chinese President Xi Jinping on several occasions and the informal summit between him and President XI in Wuhan in April 2018 added a new dimension to the engagement by allowing them to interact in a very free and candid atmosphere to understand each other’s concerns without being forced into a diplomatic straightjacket.

On ties with Pakistan, Prime Minister referred to his telephonic conversation with Imran Khan after his party emerged as the largest political party in the National Assembly of Pakistan after the recent general elections.

He shared his expectation from Pakistan that it will constructively work to build a safe, stable, secure and development oriented South Asia free of terror and violence.

On the future of India-Afghanistan ties, PM said, India has always stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Afghanistan in addressing the challenges it has been faced with.

In the context of India’s approach towards the Indo-Pacific, Prime Minister shared the mantra of respect, dialogue, cooperation, peace, and prosperity.

Prime Minister said India’s vision for the region is positive and inclusive neither directed against anyone nor seeking to dominate the region.

Prime Minister Modi also outlined the human face of India’s foreign policy saying it has reached tens of thousands of Indian and foreign citizens in distress the world over.

The Prime Minister thus shared how foreign policy under his govt has been people-centric and how its diplomatic outreach has intensified its engagement with countries and given a push to India’s global stature.

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