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Law Commission places draft report on holding of simultaneous elections

Law commission has placed its draft report on the issue of holding of simultaneous elections to the House of the People and the State Legislative Assemblies in public domain.

Touching many relevant points on the report, which has been uploaded on its website, the commission has called for further discussions and examination on the matter, involving all the stakeholders before it makes the final recommendations to the centre.

The law Commission in its draft report has said that any major decision that has a direct impact on the polity of the country has to be taken after taking the stakeholders into confidence.

Any law that is not acceptable to the masses is not capable of being implemented.

Hence, Government should try and build a consensus of the public in general and the political parties, in particular to hold simultaneous elections in the country.

The draft report of the Commission described simultaneous polls to the Lok Sabha and the state Legislative Assemblies as a laudable idea.

The Commission said that simultaneous polls would help in saving public money, reduce the burden on administrative set up and security forces and the administrative machinery of the country will be continuously engaged in developmental activities ‘rather than in electioneering’.

The 21st Law Commission also rejected the three major objections raised by political parties, that it will shake the basic of structure of democractic set-up; will also result in attacking the basic structure of the constitution and will shake the foundation of federal structure.

Since, the term of present Commission ends on 31st August, 2018, the final report will be prepared by the next Commission.

The Commission had held consulations with national and state level political paties before releasing draft report.

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