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Kaleswaram Project-A Curtain raiser

Arrangments are being made for the inauguration of the Kaleswaram Project, which is expected to supply water to 70 percent of districts in Telangana State for the agriculture, drinking water and the industries purpose. The state government has decided to start pumping water from the next month. This project has already set several records in the country in the irrigation sector. The Kaleswaram project, often described as a wonder created by human beings by several visitors to the project, which included members of the Central water Commission, Irrigation experts, representatives from other States, the Centre, is the major lift irrigation project in the country which is being constructed on a fast track as per the schedule. Water from river Godavari at Medigadda, which is about 100 Meters from the Sea level, is lifted at six stages and supplied to Kondapochamma Sagar, which is at 618 Mts height. In other words, the water from Godavari River is being lifted at about half a KM height. The Pump Houses are being constructed to lift 2 TMC of water every day this year. Preparations are going on to lift 3 TMC of water from the next year. To lift such a huge quantum of water, the Biggest and largest pumps are being used for the first time in the country.


  • On March 8 2016, the Telangana State government had entered into an agreement with the Maharashtra State government, putting an end to decades old differences and objections over the issue. This agreement has paved way for the construction of Kaleswaram project at Medigadda.
  • May 2, 2016, Honourable Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has laid foundation stone at Kannepally for the Kaleswaram project.
  • Within a short span of three years, major components of the Kaleswaram projects, constructions of barrages, pump houses have been completed and construction of the reservoirs are going ahead on a fast track.
  • Barrages are constructed at Medigadda, Annaram, and Sundilla. Water from these Barrages will be utilised to fill Yellampally and Sriram Sagar Projects. With this, the Godavari River will be alive in 199 Kms stretch in the Telangana state.
  • Through the Kaleswaram projects, additionally 20 lakh acres will be provided with water in Karimnagar, Rajanna Sircilla, Siddipet, Medak, Yadadri, Nalgonda, Sangareddy, Nizamabad, Jagtial, Kamareddy, Nirmal, Medchel, and Peddapally Constituencies.
  • The Sriram Sagar Revival Scheme was launched based on the water to be provided from the Kaleswaram. Water will also be supplied to Singur and Nizam Sagar projects. With this, about 20 Lakh acres of land in Karimnagar, Sircilla, Siddipet, Medak, Yadadri Bhongir, Nalgonda, Sangareddy, Nizamabad, Jagtial, Kamareddy, Nirmal, Medchel, Pedapalli, Warangal urban and Rural, Bhoopalpally, Mehboobabad, Khammam, Jangaon, Suryapet will be stabilised. In Telangana, water will be supplied for two crops for about 40 Lakh acres every year. In other words, crops will be cultivated in 80 Lakh acres every year. This is precisely the reason why Kaleswaram Project will become “a benevolent boon.”
  • It is estimated that for the lifting of 2 TMC water from Kaleswaram, 4992.47 MW power is required. For lifting of the 3 TMC water, 7, 152 MW of power is required and arrangments are being for the supply of the adequate power.
  • For the first time in the annals of the Country’s history, the Telangana State Electricity organisations are using 139 MW Pumps in the Kaleswaram project at package-8 Ramadugu. Nobody ever used such a capacity pumps in the country.


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