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Indian Navy to Get Upgraded Fuel HFHSD – IN 512

One of the Key Result Area for Indian Navy has been fuel quality standards revision to keep pace with induction of new technology equipment and meet contemporary emission standards. With the advent of technology and refining techniques in the petroleum industry better quality of fuel abiding to more stringent specifications has become a necessity. Hence, continuous improvement in technical specification for diesels is the primary focus area.

Leveraging technology and improved refining techniques available with the country’s petroleum industry, the Indian Navy in collaboration with M/s IOCL carried out an extensive and thorough study and a comparative evaluation of existing international regulations (ISO, MARPOL, NATO etc). As an outcome, a revised technical specification was arrived at consisting of 22 test parameters including critical parameters cetane number, flash point, sulphur content, sediment content, oxidation stability and Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP). The new specification will not only ensure a better quality fuel but also result in a reduced carbon footprint.

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